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Arsenal v. Brighton: Community player ratings

Arsenal FC v Brighton & Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

New day, same result. Arsenal were outplayed by a team on the edge of the relegation zone, and apart from a few bursts of energy, just didn’t look like they belonged on the same pitch with Brighton. Let that sink in, friends.

Things will turn around. It may take a while, and hopefully things don’t get worse before they get better, but right now this is a turgid team who make bad decisions and don’t mesh and don’t do a whole list of other things they need to do in order to turn things around. “It’s only been a week” is a perfectly valid defense of Freddie right now, and he’s only a caretaker, but his grace period gets shorter with every game like this, I would think.

It’s not that they’ll let him go - they won’t want to go the three-managers-in-a-season route - but the time for criticism of him, the time where his honeymoon ends and he goes from very popular ex-player to resented bad interim manager, is shorter than we all might want.

Anyway, it’s time to rate what you saw, because that’ll make you feel so much better! The form’s below, and if you can’t see it there, go right here, and there it will be.