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The Shirt Fuse: 80’s dance party!

Next year’s shirts are starting to leak.

Arsenal FC v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League
Imagine this, but on a shirt
Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

I think most of us agree that adidas killed it with this year’s Arsenal kit. Because this is how we live now, less than half way through the season, we’re already starting to see leaks for next season’s kit, and it’s...interesting. Following last week’s leak of potential kit combos for next season, we see this today:

I will say I don’t automatically hate it - I don’t mind the dark base. On my monitor it looks black, even though the article says it’s dark navy, which will probably be a similar shade to this year’s navy alternates.

I’m not wild about neon colors in general - I lived through the 80’s once, I have no desire to go back to anything resembling that design aesthetic - but at least these neon colors are in small doses and don’t dominate the shirt. There’s a long way between today and release day, so a lot of this info might change, but Footy Headlines is pretty reliable, so I’d assume this is at least in the neighborhood of what the final product will end up being. It’s not quite Miami Vice, but still, it’s neon!