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Friday open thread: Dying embers of a year

Groundhog Staten Island Chuck Unveils New Interactive Exhibit Featuring Original Times Square New Year’s Eve Centennial Ball Kris Connor/Getty Images

It’s not quite New Year’s Eve yet, of course, but with both Christmas and New Year’s Day happening on Wednesdays this year, the year has an “it’s over” feel to it already. Which, of course, brings to mind the “it’s the end of the year - what are you doing for New Year’s Eve” question. So, that’s my question. What are you doing for New Year’s Eve?

I generally have a history of ignoring NYE almost completely. Being childless, lazy, and unwilling to do a lot of cooking, the lovely mrs. pdb and I go out enough that going out is not a novelty, and the absolute last thing I generally want to do is go out on a night when nobody who ever goes out decides it’d be fun to go out. And New Year’s Eve is the Platonic ideal of that night - parents get babysitters, single young people crowd bars, and it’s generally a night mostly for enterprising and patient Uber drivers and definitely not me.

I think the only times I’ve gone out on NYE are nights when there were bands playing at clubs I went to all the time anyway, so it wasn’t like going out for the holiday - it was just “hey let’s go to a show”, and by the time we left the show, it was after midnight. Other than that, though, I generally didn’t/don’t do much for the last night of the year.

This year, we’re not exactly going out, but. We’re taking our once-every-couple-years trip to Hawaii (the Big Island, staying in Captain Cook), and the neighborhood we always get an airbnb in has a HUGE party most years - I’m talking mass amounts of fireworks, live band, one or more roasted pigs (I’m assuming), the whole nine yards. It’s a gigantic block party, pretty much.

As tourists, we are of course not invited to the actual party - the ‘hood we stay in is small and mostly locals, and we probably couldn’t crash it if we tried. And that’s completely fine - we don’t belong there, we’ll be gone in a week, no big thing. But we can enjoy it from a distance while we put Ryan Seacrest on the TV and drink wine in the backyard, so that is what we shall do.

What about you? Any fun New Year’s Eve plans? Throwing a party or going to one? Are you a go-out person or a stay-home person?