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Arsenal at Everton - lineups, streaming info, match thread for the Clash Of The Interims

This should be...interesting?

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Arsenal v Stoke City/Everton: Barclays Asia Trophy Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Substitute teachers. We all had them, at one time or another, and we all treated them with some mixture of respect and contempt. Today’s Arsenal trip up to Goodison Park to play Everton feels like a substitute teacher taking their class on a field trip to another substitute teacher’s class, to see how other substitute teachers work, or something like that.

The man with the best nickname in modern sport, Duncan (Disorderly) Ferguson, has been interim manager of Everton for a few weeks. He’s going to be replaced by Carlo Ancelotti after today’s game, which sees Arsenal’s own well-liked substitute, Freddie (No Cool Nickname But Can Duncan Ferguson Get Away With That Underwear Ad No I Believe He Cannot) Ljungberg, skipper his last game with the senior squad before Mikel (something about hair) Arteta takes over the London club.

As a result, I have literally no idea what to expect from this game. Maybe it’d be better if both sides just hung out at the center circle and, like, played Uno, or talked about the Mandalorian, or something - Everton are not great, Arsenal’s not great, what’s the harm in just punting this game until the two permanent teachers take charge of their classrooms?

But, I guess they can’t do that, so play they shall.

WHAT: Arsenal vs. Everton
WHERE: Goodison Park
WHEN: Saturday, December 21 4:30 AM PT | 7:30 AM ET | 12:30 PM BT
US TV: NBCSN. Stream here.
US Streaming: Fubo, Sling,
For all your international streaming needs, check Please do not discuss or share links to illegal streams here.