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Wednesday managerial update: All but done?

it’s a marathon, not a sprint, I guess

Arsenal v Aston Villa - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

There’s a phrase my dad used to use, that’s also a lyric in one of my favorite Replacements songs. When something was all but done, he’d bust out with “All over but the shouting”. What does it mean? I have no idea. I’ve never gotten something 99% done and then shouted, which marked the thing I was doing complete. I can’t imagine walking through a Kroger, checking items off my grocery list, then once I paid for my groceries and bagged them up, just unleashing a guttural howl.

I mostly just wanted an excuse to link to a Replacements song, because the Replacements are awesome.

Anyway, “all over but the shouting” seems to be a good way to describe Arsenal’s pursuit of Mikel Arteta to be their new manager. All of this is unconfirmed, of course, but:

So there we go. The inevitable is basically just awaiting the crossed T’s and dotted I’s that people used to attribute to contracts when they were handwritten. Man, I’m really busting out the anachronistic sayings today, ain’t I? Next thing you know I’ll be saying that signing Arteta will be ‘super groovy’ for the club or something. This is what the long pursuit of a permanent manager does to a blogger.

Anyway, that’s apparently where things stand today, just awaiting final completion of the contract for Arteta and, presumably, his desired assistants. Stay tuned.