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Wednesday manager search update: Everything’s happening! Or nothing’s happening!

The latest on the latest.

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Rumors. They’re everywhere these days, encompassing many managerial candidates, both realistic and otherwise. And until Arsenal actually hire someone, that’s going to be the way it is - despite the club’s current issues, and maybe because of them, Arsenal are going to be a preferred destination for a lot of managers, who will want to make a name for themselves fixing what’s wrong.

And today, from the always-reliable David Ornstein, we get...a tweet.

For all his insider info, and for all his network and connections, this tweet is, honestly, something I could have sent out. The beauty of it is simple:

- it covers every single base, so it can’t really be wrong in any meaningful way
- it’s super vague and light on specifics, other than the Ancelotti tidbit
- it’s all common sense stuff that needs no insight; these are things that we’ve all - commenters and staff alike - been talking about around here for weeks now, even before Emery

I’m not saying “NEVER TRUST ORNSTEIN AGAIN”, at all - he is the most connected journalist covering Arsenal, and he’s usually very plugged in. I’m just saying, don’t take anything away from or over-analyze it, because this tweet is the Twitter equivalent of a rice cake. It looks substantive at first glance, but once you get about half way through it, you realize you’re going to need something else to eat, because you’re essentially chewing air.