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Cannon Fodder: Let’s give some thanks

Shkodran wants to know what’s got you back on top!

Vitoria Guimaraes v Arsenal FC: Group F - UEFA Europa League Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

It’s no secret that the state of Arsenal is somewhere between an unmitigated disaster and...well, a slightly mitigated disaster. Players have given up on their lame duck manager, the team hasn’t won in over 50 days, and the fanbase is just shy of picking up pitchforks and torches over the baffling lack of concern the board has had over the club’s nosedive.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. With news that Arsenal have supposedly taken steps to finally move on from manager Unai Emery and the upcoming retro release of the original Bruised Banana kit, things aren’t all awful in the Arsenal-sphere.

So, as cliche as it may seem, today of all days seems like the appropriate time to remember the things that keep us coming back, time and time again, to Arsenal FC. While the present might be a distressing miasma of poor play, questionable tactics, and rudderless leadership, the fact remains that there is something about the club that still matters to us. So we want to hear what those things are!

I’ll start things off with what I’m thankful for:

  • This season’s adidas kits. We might play poorly, but at least we look good doing it!
  • Hector Bellerin, who is not just my wife’s favorite player, but someone who represents the club exceedingly well on and off the pitch with his involvement in numerous causes.
  • Joe Montemurro and the Arsenal women, who deserve far more credit and coverage for their incredible success.
  • My dad, who took me to my first Arsenal match during the Invincibles season and introduced me to a lifelong love of London’s finest club.
  • My local Arsenal supporter’s group, the Tallahassee Gooners. There’s no finer group of individuals I’d rather pound a pint alongside while screaming at a TV. They truly personify the idea that misery loves company.
  • My Short Fuse colleagues, whose dedication to running this blog come hell or high water is remarkable. Things may not be ideal with the club, but that never stops them from putting out quality content.
  • You readers! You make this blog a worthwhile endeavor, and your interaction/participation in our comments section keeps us motivated to continue providing the best coverage of this team we can muster. Seriously, keep commenting! We love it!

Whether you are one of our American readers who are hopefully enjoying a hearty meal alongside loved ones or any of our international readers who are settling in to watch today’s Europa League match against Eintracht Frankfurt, we would love to know what keeps you an Arsenal fan in these wild times, or even about something that you’re appreciative for in your life, Arsenal-related or not.

Happy Thanksgiving folks, and COME ON YOU GUNNERS!