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Arsenal vs. Eintracht Frankfurt, match thread and lineups: On the threshold

Arsenal FC v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

It’s rare for a team to stand on two such opposite thresholds at once, but here we are. Arsenal are already through to the knockouts, but with a win today, Arsenal lock down first place in Group F. Arsenal are also inches away from firing Unai Emery, by all accounts. What they’re waiting for, nobody’s sure, but that’s where we are - a good thing on the day prolongs a bad thing long-term.

I do not want Arsenal to lose today just to hasten the inevitable - as I’ve said before, I’m much more of an Arsenal fan than a Unai Emery detractor. I want Arsenal to win their group. I want Arsenal to keep winning. I watch sports for fun, and winning - even winning ugly - is fun. Arsenal haven’t been a lot of fun lately, and winning the group stage of a European competition is fun; I don’t care if people see it as a second-class competition.

Arsenal know what they need to do tomorrow. Let’s hope they have enough left in the tank to do it.

Arsenal v. Eintracht Frankfurt
Europa League group stage match day 5 of 6

Emirates Stadium, London

Thursday, November 28, 2019

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