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Arsenal v. Southampton: Community player ratings

Arsenal FC v Southampton FC - Premier League Photo by Harriet Lander/Getty Images

Another game, another insipid performance. Arsenal managed a point against the team sitting 19th in the table, but they left it to the last possible moment, and all the moments before that were...not great. Southampton’s first goal was entirely down to the whole of the Arsenal defense switching off at once, which in a certain way I suppose is kind of impressive? That level of unanimity is...something.

I know I beat this drum a lot, but I also don’t put all of today on Emery. Emery didn’t force Pepe to pass to a Southampton player rather than shoot when he was one on one with the keeper with the defender to his right and acres of space in front of him, for example. Emery also didn’t force Sokratis to almost concede a goal by trying to dribble his way out of trouble but mostly almost putting himself in a lot of trouble.

Emery has a lot to answer for, but so do the players, is what I’m saying. Things are a mess right now, and they’re not getting better, and as we’ve all realized, they won’t get better until something big changes.

Anyway, if you still want to, go ahead and rate the players. The form’s below, or if you can’t see it below, click or tap here to get right to it.