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Arsenal v. Liverpool: Community player ratings

Liverpool FC v Arsenal FC - Carabao Cup Round of 16 Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Um, wow? I’m not sure what I just saw, but it It’s a low-stakes competition, but watching a barrage of goals go in is always tremendously entertaining. Granted, it’s a bit less so when the first shot in said barrage was an own goal, but Arsenal rebounded nicely from that, and then the rollercoaster began in earnest.

And what a rollercoaster it was. I’m sure there was some defending, from both sides, but I struggle to remember when, as the game ended 5-5 before going to penalties. It’s a shame things ended the way they did, for sure, and last second equalizers to go straight to penalties aren’t great, but when was the last time that watching Arsenal was, dare I say it, fun? You wouldn’t put this one in a time capsule for either side, but sports is supposed to be entertainment, and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t entertained.

Just like every other ratings post, check out the form below to add your ratings, or click/tap/mash/whatever here to get directly to the form. Once you’ve rated the players and the coach, head into the comments and tell us why you thought what you thought!