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Friday open thread: Not so bad!

Halloween Projects for the Kids Tracy Barbutes/Modesto Bee/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Hi there! Happy Friday. Today’s question is prompted by something that happened yesterday. I had minor oral surgery, a gum graft to be precise. I am not one who is afraid of most medical or dental procedures, and I have a stupidly high threshold for pain (remind me to tell you about the time I broke my arm and didn’t realize it for a week!), but at my consult last week, and in all the literature I was given for the procedure and its after-care, it sounded like pain was going to be my companion for a couple days after the procedure.

Well, as I sit here now writing this, about 9 hours after it was complete, I’m almost completely pain-free. I feel a bit of pressure, and when I laugh or smile it’s a little achey, but all the dire warnings about pain, and the need for the painkillers I was given, seems to have been, in this case at least, fairly overblown. The most painful part, as it is with most things dental, was the shot to numb my mouth before the actual work started, and even that wasn’t terrible.

So that’s my question for you. What have you done lately - and it absolutely doesn’t have to be medical, it could be academic, work-related, hobby-related, or whatever - that you were sort of apprehensive about, that then turned out to be not a big deal at all? Something that you sailed through that you maybe weren’t expecting to?

Anything else you wanna talk about? Any Halloween plans? What are you going to be if you’re dressing up? It’s an open thread! Let’s chat!