IKTS 22: Celebrating Invincibles' Day Hangover!

There were average to below average scores this week. Torreira was fouled with impunity, and the Cottagers had their only goal against Arsenal, but the Gunners had four. A few surprises, most notably Chelsea with a goalless draw against Southampton. In other news, Cazorla scored a brace for Villareal, at home to Real Madrid no less, with a sumptuous Thierry Henry style low curler from the left (smack in the right corner of the net) and an equalizer late in the game that consisted of a well placed header. The magician did it. Thank you Santi Cazorla, for the memories, and for your continued brilliance wherever you are. On the second day of January of the year 2019, we celebrated Invincibles' Day, an unusually late occurrence for this feat. Frankly, as annoying as the Manchester City nouveaux riches are, I am happy they beat Liverpool. Beside being able to celebrate Invincibles' Day, I thought this was a case of bad karma for Liverpool. When Liverpool players were perfecting the art of diving against us, and while our players had shouts for penalties that were ignored because we do not perfect this art at Arsenal, bad karma for Liverpool meant that officials in the game at Manchester City were less likely to give penalties as easily. Mo Salah found that as he (and the annoying Herr Klopp) complained about Vincent Kompany’s energetic tackling. Anyway, what goes around comes around, and this made me feel less bitter about our loss at Anfield. No invincible season for the scousers!

Scores for week 21:

hansdampf 8 (2)
sammy dog 8 (1)
Geaux_HR 7 (1)
inthekcmix 7 (1)
Ray from Norfolk, Virginia 5 (1)
ClevelandJames 5 (0)

Stars of the week: Our fearless leader, handsampf, scores 8 points (with 2 correct IKTS predictions) edging sammy dog with also 8 points (and one correct IKTS prediction) while Geaux_HR and inthekcmix with 7 points (and one IKTS prediction each) are tied in third place behind. The other two participants scored 5 points each.

Clever pick of the week: The award must go to inthekcmix for predicting a win for Manchester City at home to Liverpool, with a correct goal difference and a haul of two points, while others scored bagels. Likewise, ClevelandJames hauled 2 points for the Everton-Leicester result,with a round of bagels once again for the rest.

Crisis pick of the week: Magnanimously, as we celebrate Invincibles Day, no crisis pick is awarded this week.

Scores after week 21:

hansdampf 200 (30)
sammy dog 188 (31)
Ray from Norfolk, Virginia 179 (23)
ClevelandJames 178 (21)
Geaux_HR 158 (17)
inthekcmix 122 (12)
unclf14 104 (14)
Captain Kirk Three 26 (2)

Cup game: Only hansdampf scored two points while all the other participants (except Ray from Norfolk who thought the game was on Sunday) scored one point.

Cup standings:

inthekcmix 10 (0)
Ray from Norfolk, Virginia 9 (1)
sammy dog 8 (1)
Geaux_HR 8 (0)
ClevelandJames 7 (0)
hansdampf 7 (1)
unclf14 4 (0)
Captain Kirk Three 3 (0)

After this cup game, inthekcmix takes the lead.

Week 22: Saturday January 12, Sunday January 13, and Monday January 14:

West Ham – Arsenal
Brighton – Liverpool
Burnley – Fulham
Cardiff – Huddersfield
Crystal Palace – Watford
Leicester – Southampton
Chelsea – Newcastle
Everton – Bournemouth
Tottenham – Manchester United
Manchester City – Wolverhampton


There will be no midweek games, and normal service will resume the weekend after next, for yet another breather.