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Friday open thread: Winter

FIS Nordic World Cup - Four Hills Tournament training Photo by Franz Kirchmayr/SEPA.Media /Getty Images

It’s 2019! Which, since it’s January, also means it’s undeniably winter. Winter in the PNW means, basically, cold rain instead of the lukewarm rain of the fall. We don’t get a ton of snow here, in a typical winter it maybe snows for a day or two, and it has shown no signs of wanting to snow yet this season here at all.

Today’s question is a basic one: Do you like winter? As seasons go, it’s not my favorite - not because of the aforementioned rain, which I don’t really mind all that much. Mostly, for me, it’s because here, we can go weeks without actually seeing the sun. Lots of gray days, darkness when going to work, and darkness on the way home makes for feeling like mole people after a while. I don’t need it to be hot and sweaty all the time, but I like seeing the sun every now and again.

I also don’t ski, or snowboard, or do any sort of winter sport, so that’s another reason I don’t really dig winter. What about you? Are you a winter sports person? Do you ski or board? Is there good skiing close to you, or is skiing something you do as a vacation somewhere else?

Anything else you want to talk about? This is your Friday open thread.