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The Shirt Fuse: New Arsenal man Denis Suarez’ number announced

Even if you’ve already got a new jersey, you’ll want 2 get this one 2

RCD Espanyol v FC Barcelona - La Liga
A new shirt for Denis S—WHERE’S HIS ARM!? OH GOD
Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Arriving with much fanfare... well, some fanfare, Denis Saurez has claimed his spot on Arsenal choosing his fancy new number. Drum roll please... wait that doesn’t work in web format. Cancel the drum roll:

Huh. A little understated for an announcement. And Hola? Really Arsenal? Let’s try a little here. Suarez is joining the Arsenal greats with twenty-two on their back like Gael Clichy, Francis Coquelin (for a hot second), The JEFF, Yaya Sanogo... wait really? Huh. And who could forget Oleh Luzhnyi? I sure as hell did.

OK, maybe the effort makes sense for the 6 month loan for Barcelona. There’s no guarantee he’ll re-up at Arsenal and who really knows how he’ll fit into the side. The central midfielder joins a side full of central midfielders so unless he has a hankering to be a winger or centerback, we’re looking at some depth. For that, twenty-two is perfect as he’s in the second eleven.

See how I did that? Yeah. That’s about all I got this morning.

Welcome, Denis.

(See how easy that is, Arsenal?)