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Arsenal v. Cardiff City: Community player ratings

Arsenal FC v Cardiff City - Premier League Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images

That was more like it. It didn’t look great, particularly in the first half, but Arsenal picked themselves up in the second half and finished off Cardiff City today at the Emirates, despite Cardiff scoring a goal in extra time to give everyone a nice, nervy finish.

I’m not quite sure I’m super confident heading into the weekend after that display, but at the very least, Arsenal did what they needed to do and were able to beat a team that they should. Not just a moral victory, but an actual one as well!

And honestly, it could have been four or five - Cardiff’s goalkeeper had a few great saves to keep the scoreline respectable.

Anyway, enough from me - what did you think? I know this feature has become...sporadic of late, but my work life has calmed down dramatically in the last week or so so I’m hoping it’ll make a regular return. If you can’t see the form below, click here to go directly to it and tell us what you thought of how the players (and the manager) did today, and let us know why you voted how you voted down yonder in the comments!