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Friday open thread: Nothing in particular

90th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage Photo by Matt Sayles/A.M.P.A.S via Getty Images

Happy Friday! Happy FA Cup day! I have no theme for the open thread. So here’s some random prompts to start the conversation:

- Oscar nominations. Do you care? I kinda care, and in what was a somewhat underwhelming year for prestige-type films I would love it if Black Panther won best picture. It won’t, but the fact that it was nominated was huge. Also, how do you have a Best Documentary category without both Won’t You Be My Neighbor and Three Identical Strangers?

- Weekend plans. Got any? I’m finally getting my weekends back at work, which is nice, and we’re going wine tasting tomorrow. And then doing nothing because I like doing nothing after a whole lot of doing something.

- Winter. Has it hit fully where you live? It’s nearly February and I don’t think Portland’s going to get much of a winter this year, other than the dark gray sky thing that’s normal this time of year I mean. It hasn’t really gotten seriously cold yet, hasn’t even remotely threatened to snow at all either, at least here (the mountains have plenty).

- Other weekend sports. With Arsenal playing today and Tuesday, it’s an Arsenal-free weekend. Are you replacing Arsenal with anything, sports-watching wise?

That’s about it, unless you had other stuff you wanted to talk about. Stop by the comments and say hi!