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The Shirt Fuse: Bruised Banana edition

adidas confirms iconic kit to return in 2019-2020

Kevin Campbell of Arsenal

The Shirt Fuse can confirm the iconic Arsenal kit from 1991-1993 returns via our friends at Footy Headlines. Ever since Arsenal confirmed the new mega adidas contract beginning next season, Gooners have pondered how long it would be before we saw the return of this away kit.

Unfortunately if reports are true this morning, we may never see Mesut Ozil in this kit, which makes one wonder, which big adidas star could be on Arsenal’s radar moving forward towards the summer.

What do you think of adidas bringing out this design in year one of the contract? Excited or would you rather see something fresh and new? Let us know below in the comment section!

Bruised Banana kit fun fact - This was the last adidas kit in English football to feature the adidas trefoil logo.