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What better time to go watch Arsenal with TSF?

Timing is everything!

Chinese Welcome FIFA World Cup Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

The cliche that comes to mind is “may you live in interesting times”. In Arsenal-land, things are getting very interesting indeed, and we don’t even have the benefit of it being the off-season so the interestingness can be the sole focus of our attention. Nope, the season’s still going, and it’s going to bring Chelsea to the Emirates on Saturday morning.

In terms of bringing things, here’s an awkward segue: hopefully the game is going to bring a lot of you to Beulahland in Portland on Saturday! Myself, Aidan, and Michael will be there, hoping you’ll join us as we try to put aside the fun of this week’s news and actually watch some soccer for once.

Kickoff’s at 9.30, and Beulahland is located at 118 NE 28th Ave, just north of Burnside. It’s street parking only, but on a Saturday morning you should be able to find something pretty close. Let’s hang out!