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Arsenal at West Ham: Derby day? I guess? Viewing info, match discussion

A quick away day for the boys from North London.

West Ham United v Swansea City - Premier League Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

By the strictest definition, this game is in fact a derby. But it’s West Ham; it’s fair to say that there’s not a lot of juice around this particular London rivalry, mostly because West Ham are, well, West Ham. They’re 10th, and they’re probably not going to threaten, much less make, any significant moves further north than that.

That doesn’t mean Arsenal can take them lightly, it just means that this game doesn’t generally get supporter pulses racing the way a Chelsea or Spurs game would. But, it’s a game on the schedule, so they have to play it. Arsenal can draw level on points with Chelsea with a win, but Chelsea are playing Newcastle later this morning, so unless Rafa Benitez feels like doing Arsenal a favor, that won’t last. But three points are there for the taking for Arsenal today, so why not take them?

Arsenal v. West Ham United
Premier League

London Stadium, London

Saturday, January 12
4.30AM PT/7.30AM ET/12.30PM BT

US Broadcast: NBCSN
US Stream: NBC Sports
Worldwide info:

Lineups posted when available.