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The Shirt Fuse: Arsenal to release retro kit?

Yes they are! We think!

Notts F V Arsenal
so pretty
Photo by Russell Cheyne/Getty Images

If there’s one thing we love at The Short Fuse, it’s talking about clothes. Not just any clothes, though - I could not care less how other people dress for the most part. No, here at TSF, we care about a common set of clothing worn by our sporting pals at Arsenal while they’re doing a sports.

Starting next year, of course, the manufacture of said clothing will be handled by a different company - Puma is giving way to adidas, which has made a lot of people happy. Our friends over at Footy Headlines are usually really good at being ahead of the game as far as releases go - they seem to have sources or contacts that leak info to them, so when you see something from Footy Headlines, it’s probably pretty safe to say what you see is what we will shortly get.

Which makes this tweet super exciting:

If adidas follow the example FH lays out in their story about these shirts, this does not appear to be a playing kit, but is part of adidas’ retro line of club gear. I desperately want it to be a playing kit, though, and I hope I’m wrong.

A leak of next year’s kit has also surfaced, not from FH, but still - the leaked images fit in with the adidas retro theme a bit:

Either way, this trend is a fantastically cool thing - that color combo is probably my all time favorite Arsenal combo, the jersey they show in their story is close to my favorite one ever (not the bruised banana, the solid yellow) and the more comebacks it makes, the happier I am.