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Arsenal v. Fulham: Community player ratings

Much better.

Arsenal FC v Fulham FC - Premier League Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images

If Arsenal want to return to being a regular member of the Top Four Is A Trophy club, these are the games they have to win and keep winning. Arsenal drop too many points against lesser teams right now, because their defending is dire. They weren’t firing on all cylinders today, for sure, and it may not have been pretty at first, but 4-1 is a good win and three points in the bank are never a thing I will complain about. If your first thought is “But it’s Fulham”, well, sure, I guess, but I also think enjoying a win for a while before picking apart the quality of the win is fun.

And on current form, Arsenal are going to be undefeated throughout 2019, so that’s something to look forward to.

Let’s hear from you - what did you think? The form is below, and as always, if you can’t see it there, it’s right here. Rate the players, rate the coach, and let us know why you rated how you rated down there in yonder comments