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Friday open thread: let’s talk music!

The Smashing Pumpkins Perform At The Theatre At Ace Hotel Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Hi there! Happy Friday! As I write this, it’s Thursday night and I’m exhausted, because I am an old person and on Wednesday night, I went to the Timbers game and then rolled straight from there to a show, and didn’t get home till about midnight. And I work at 7.15 AM, and oh did I mention I’m an old person?

Anyway, it was a really fun night and it reminded me how much I love live music. I saw Liz Phair, and she put on a great show. The first time I saw her was about 25 years ago, when she was touring right when her first album came out, and she was so nervous she played a good chunk of the show with her back to the crowd.

25 years and a lot of twists and turns in her career later, though, she’s a Rock Star, and she wears it really well - her set was stellar, she was totally in her element, and it was really fun to watch her just own the room.

So, in the interest of getting me to sleep here soon, my question is simple: seen any good shows lately? If you’re not a live music person, bought/heard any good records lately? If you’re not a music person, first of all, that’s too bad! Music is great! And second of all, what is your thing - books? Movies? Plays? Whatever your thing is, tell us a recent example of that thing you’ve consumed that you enjoyed.

And also, this is your open thread, so feel free to talk about other stuff - within the rules, of course!