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Arsenal v. FC Vorskla - who would you start?

Another Europa League begins.

FC Vorskla Poltava v FC Dnipro - Ukrainian Premier League Photo by Genya Savilove/EuroFootball/Getty Images

Arsenal start their second season in the Europa League on Thursday, welcoming Ukranian side FC Vorskla to the Emirates. We’ve seen what Unai Emery does in the Premier League, and now it’s time to take a look at arguably the reason he was brought in - winning this competition is hugely important. Disdain it though some fans do, the Europa League is a route back to the Champions League, and as such should not be shrugged off or demeaned just because you haven’t heard of a bunch of the teams that are involved.

Anyway, it would seem that Emery might change things up a bit for Thursday - will Lucas Torreira finally get a start? Will Bernd Leno be allowed to save something other than a seat on the team bus for someone? Will he run a different formation in Europe than he does in the league? He is, as usual, not giving any clues, but we’ll find out what he does soon enough.

And today, we’ll find out what you think he should do - all you have to do is tell us using the poll below! If you can’t see the poll, click here to check it out, and tell us what you think Emery should do on Thursday as Arsenal start their climb back up the European status ladder.