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Arsenal v. Newcastle: Who was your man of the match?

Newcastle United v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

That wasn’t the most eloquent of Arsenal wins, I suppose, but at the end of the day, points are points. As I’ve mentioned in previous weeks, the tool I used to use to build the community ratings form no longer embeds, so it’s not really useful at this point. Which brings up two questions:

  1. Who was your man of the match against Newcastle today, and why?
  2. What format would you like to see these posts take - a man of the match type thing, a Google poll like the lineup builder where you can rate players on a scale, or something else?

I’m open to anything, but I want to make sure these rating/ranking posts are fun and useful for you, so if you like these community ratings posts, let me know what you’d like them to be going forward and I’ll do my best to make sure that’s what happens.