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Here’s who you think Arsenal should start against Newcastle

World Chess Tournament 2018 - First Move Ceremony Photo by Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for World Chess

The votes are in! You’ve had your say, you’ve clicked your clicks, and here’s what you thought Arsenal should do on Saturday against Newcastle United. Not too many surprises, player-wise; the main point of contention between TSF’ers and Unai Emery is the desire to see Bernd Leno get a start over Petr Cech, as it has been all season. Also, somewhat surprisingly, you preferred Granig Xhaka over the early-season wunderkind Matteo Guendouzi. As far as a formation, y’all went for the usual 4-2-3-1:

Arsenal v. Newcastle - 9/15/18

(If you can’t see the lineup, click here)

It should also be noted that Laca beat out Auba by a single vote, so that wasn’t as cut and dried as it has been in previous weeks. As with most weeks, I’m confident that this lineup, chosen by you and your awesome brain, would absolutely steamroll Newcastle; if anyone reading this knows Unai Emery, please pass this info on to him and let him know that if he uses our lineup, he’ll guarantee himself an easy win and the adoration of millions. Or at least the hundreds of us that expressed a preference here, anyway.