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Ivan Gazidis may not be going to Milan after all

England v Peru - International Friendly Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

It’s been a very low-key will he or won’t he, but one of the transfer sagas that’s been playing out this summer/early fall is the transfer of the transferer. Ivan Gazidis has apparently had a flirtation with AC Milan that started back in mid-July, and gained enough steam that Arsenal reportedly gave Gazidis a deadline of mid-September, or approximately two weeks, to choose between the London club he currently works for and the Milanese club he apparently wanted to.

Well, if you go strictly by the calendar, that mid-September two week deadline is Wednesday. And with Wednesday fast approaching, it seems as if Milan are tired of this dance. Reports out of Italy today suggest that Milan are ready to abandon their pursuit of Gazidis, thanks to the fact that his salary demands are reportedly paired with “a series of expensive clauses” and also thanks to the fact that he still works for Arsenal.

The fact that he’s reportedly asking for the moon sorta lends credence to my theory that he didn’t really want to leave - I’m not sure what all he asked for, but it very well could have been one of those “I don’t want to go, but if they meet my bananapants bonus and incentive demands, I will” sorts of things. And they apparently aren’t going to, so he’s apparently going to stay.

It would appear that Arsenal are also expressing frustration with the uncertain state of affairs, so hopefully this can be concluded sooner rather than later and we can all get on with our lives.