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Deadline Day open thread

Summer ends early this year!

Honolulu Marathon Photo by Marco Garcia/Getty Images

As you no doubt know, the Premier League has moved its transfer deadline back, so the window in England closes prior to the league season starting. That day is tomorrow - the window closes at 9AMPT/noon ET/5PM BT. So there will no doubt be a flurry of activity between now and then; no matter when the window opens and closes, a large majority of the work in that window is seemingly done in its last 24-48 hours every season.

So let’s talk window. We’ll have a full recap of what happened after it actually closes, but between now and tomorrow morning, when things start happening, we’ll update this thread with the latest Arsenal transfer rumors and news. If there are any, that is - Unai Emery has indicated there may be no more buys, but that doesn’t mean players won’t go and it doesn’t mean if something good comes along he won’t jump on it.

Any way things go down, if they go down, it’ll be here. So let’s talk about transfers! Who’s had a good transfer summer and who hasn’t? What’s been the most surprising thing about this summer?