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Friday open thread: treat yo’self

IRONMAN World Championship Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images for IRONMAN

It’s Friday! And among other things that Friday means, in my world, Friday also means I go get coffee and a pastry with a coworker pal of mine. Well, he gets coffee, and since coffee is disgusting and gross, I get hot chocolate, but still. I don’t generally snack or eat a lot of indulgence-type foods between meals, so I always look forward to my little Friday treat, because it feels very low-key decadent to start the day off like that as opposed to my usual granola bar and/or banana.

What about you? Do you have anything like that that you treat yourself with? Even if it’s not food, is there something that you do every now and again just to spoil yourself and give yourself a little reward, either for making it through the week or for accomplishing a big goal or something like that?

Also: for a lot of folks, it’s a long weekend. Any big end-of-summer weekend plans? I feel like the only PNW’er that detests camping, but all my camping friends usually avoid the outdoors over Labor Day weekend, because it’s the one time when everyone does it, so it’s too crowded. Is there something fun you’re doing this weekend, indoor or out, to mark the end of summer?