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Ivan Gazidis given deadline to choose between Milan and Arsenal

Tick tock, tick tock

Western Sydney Wanderers Gold Star Luncheon Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

One of the bigger rumors swirling around Arsenal right now is the one concerning the fate of CEO Ivan Gazidis. It’s been reported for a month or more that his time at Arsenal may be coming to an end, as he’s been wooed by AC Milan’s new American ownership group, Elliot Management.

Whether those rumors - and the corresponding rumor that he would nearly double his salary by moving to Italy - are true or not was subject to some speculation, as nobody involved in the process (for obvious reasons) would admit to the truth of the rumors. Today, though, with reports indicating Arsenal have given Gazidis until mid-September to pick one club or the other, it would seem that the rumors (and it should be said that this, being from the Mail, is also a rumor) do have some truth to them.

I maintain my stance that it would be a puzzling move for Gazidis to leave now, after he put in place all the machinations that have led to him totally overhauling the club’s power structure and operations. It may be that the lure of doing that again so soon, in a club in a similar underachieving-relative-to-size-and-expectation position to Arsenal, was too good to turn down, particularly given the enhanced compensation, but who knows? Either way, we’ll find out what happens in a couple weeks, I guess.