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Here’s who you think Arsenal should start against Cardiff City

Cardiff City v Watford-Pre Season Friendly Photo by David Jones/Getty Images

I had this absolutely amazing post all cued up to publish, but in the 2018 equivalent of “the dog ate my homework”, our CMS decided to swallow all the text and just leave me the picture. So I’ll start over. We asked yesterday who you thought should start for Arsenal against Cardiff City on Sunday, and thus spoke you:

Arsenal v. Cardiff City - Sep 2, 2018

There continues to be a strong desire to see Bernd Leno overtake Petr Cech - almost 67% of the nearly 800 people who took the poll (!) chose the new German. The rest of the lineup you chose is identical to the one you wanted to see last week, and if Mesut Ozil’s illness clears up, I’d be willing to bet it’ll be pretty close to what we see Sunday morning/afternoon/evening (delete as appropriate to your time zone).

If you’re having issues seeing the lineup above, click here to check out your handiwork. And if Arsenal roll out this lineup Sunday and subsequently win, I think we can make an argument that we all deserve seats in the owners’ box at the Emirates because of our wisdom and foresight, don’t you?