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Transfer rumor: Reiss Nelson signs new Arsenal deal, gets loaned to Germany

The youngster is moving in search of minutes.

Club Atletico de Madrid v Arsenal - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images for ICC

The inbound transfer window shut in England in early August, but it’s still open in the rest of Europe until Friday. Said window claimed its first post-Brexit Brosure Brindowclose I don’t know what to call it, but its first Arsenal departure abroad, at any rate, as Reiss Nelson was reported today to be signing what appears to be a permanent deal, but which other sources are reporting as a loan, with Bundesliga side Hoffenheim.

I have long thought that fanbases, Arsenal’s among them, wildly overvalue their young talent. There’s always a crazy amount of teeth-gnashing and garment-rending when Promising Young Starlet with a few games under his belt decides to go play for Toodlepip FC or whatever, instead of sitting on Big Club’s bench for years or Joel Campbelling his way through a loan career, for the regular playing time, only to discover that Promising Young Starlet developed into Thoroughly Average Journeyman.

But this one bugs me. Nelson was clearly talented; he made a fair amount of appearances for Arsenal last season, mostly in the Europa League and the Cup, but still. He was getting his chances, and more importantly, when he got them, he was taking them - he scored nine goals last season.

But I can see why a player would, after a season like that, want to play more in the league, and with Alex Iwobi and Danny Welbeck ahead of him on the Arsenal depth chart, that wasn’t terribly likely. So, a promising youngster walks away, off into the Bundesliga, where hopefully his upward trajectory will continue.

CLARIFYING UPDATE: This is apparently a best-of-both-worlds thing; Nelson has reportedly signed a new long-term Arsenal deal, and this move is a loan. Looks like everybody wins! Especially Reiss Nelson.