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Arsenal v. Cardiff City: Who should start?

Arsenal v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

I know it’s only Tuesday, but let’s start thinking about Sunday, shall we? Arsenal make the trek over the Second Severn Bridge and head to Cardiff to face Cardiff City. And it’s your job today to figure out who should be on the Arsenal team bus as they make that trip, which they’re not making because I’m pretty sure they fly most places because that’s how elite sports teams travel nowadays, even for a short flight.

Anyway, we should put together a lineup that will beat Cardiff City more handily than Arsenal beat West Ham last weekend; one of these days, the team might listen to us and do what we think they should do. Except they won’t, because why would they? This is just for us and just for fun, so hit up the poll below. If you can’t see the form down there, click this link to go there and do it; I’ll publish the results Wednesday afternoon.