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Arsenal vs. West Ham: Who should start?

Aerial Views Of Sporting Venues In London Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Well, that’s zero points from two for Arsenal to start the season. But it’s not panic time yet, at least for me; those weren’t the most surprising losses against strong teams, and Arsenal now enter a stretch of very winnable games having had a couple chances to let Unai Emery’s teachings set in. As the season goes on, their understanding will only deepen and we’ll see things start to turn around.

That turnaround should, hopefully, start Saturday against an equally winless West Ham. Despite their acquisition of the services of one Jack Wilshere, Arsenal have a stronger squad overall, and should be able, hopefully, to get their first three points of the season while welcoming Jack back to his old home.

Which, circuitously, brings us back to the point of this post. Arsenal, as per league rules, are required to field eleven players at the start of the game. The question is, which eleven? I mean, Arsenal aren’t crowdsourcing this - they won’t take our advice or anything. But we were curious as to who you’d name into your starting lineup, and how you’d line them up.

The form is below, and if you have problems seeing it or using it, click here to go directly to it. You can explain your reasoning in the comments, and later today or tomorrow I’ll publish the TSF Preferred Starting XI.

Let the (purely for us) crowdsourcing begin!