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Friday open thread: Life’s little luxuries

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Mendocino-Complex Fire In Northern California Grows To Largest Fire In State’s History
The west coast all looks like this
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Happy Friday! Welcome to the Friday open thread, where we talk about whatever you want to talk about, within site rules of course. To get things started today, I figured I’d ask a question. As people who like things, we all have our favorite things - foods, drinks, hobbies, games, books, songs, you name it, and we can all name our favorite. But this prompt is a little different.

What is the one thing that you buy all the time, but that you splurge on with a better brand or particular one, just because you can, or because it makes you feel good? Mine is shaving cream. Being of Irish descent, my need to shave is...sporadic at best - I shave twice a week at most, sometimes not even that. But when I do shave, I detest the $3 can of shaving cream that comes out like Reddi Whip and makes your face look like a shopping mall Santa, all while making you smell like chemically extruded mint.

So a few years ago, I did some research, as my analytical nature demands I do when trying to make even a simple decision, and discovered this stuff. You don’t need very much of it, it doesn’t explode in foam all over your face, and the scent is so mild it basically disappears 10 min after you shave. It’s kinda stupidly expensive, but a tube lasts me a really long time and I like the way it makes my skin feel, so I splurge.

What about you? Is there some item like that in your life? It doesn’t even have to be an expensive thing, but what is something that you buy that you know you could get a lesser version of that you’d rather get the better version of?

What else is going on in your world? Any fun weekend plans?