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Fusillade podcast is back!

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Here to bless your earholes

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Arsenal v Paris Saint Germain - International Champions Cup 2018 Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images for ICC

Welcome back, we’ve missed y’all through the summer transfer window! No worries though, Arsenal kick the season off this Sunday versus reigning champions Manchester City. We’ve got a new keeper, center back, and defensive midfielder along with 110m plus on strikers in the past calendar year, so take this last free day before the season to really get your optimism sky high for the Unai Emery era.

Our biggest summer signing at The Short Fuse this summer was re-upping with our podcast crew and curators of the Fusillade pod. Don’t have time to read our articles all day? No problem, take us with in whatever venue you listen to podcast on your iPhone or Android devices (If you have a Nokia brick, you’re out of luck).

With pleasure, I present our first episode of the 2018/19 Arsenal season, which is sure to full of high, lows and Aubameyang goals!

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