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Mesut Özil to wear #10 shirt for Arsenal

The #10 will finally wear #10. Long live brands.

Korea Republic v Germany: Group F - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images,

When Mesut Özil joined Arsenal, he had to take the #11 shirt. Jack Wilshere had received the #10 shirt only 12 months earlier, and Arsenal don’t usually ask players to change numbers—especially one ingrained in the squad as Wilshere was. Wilshere, of course, has ended his time at Arsenal, and with the shirt now free, Mesut Özil has finally gotten his desired #10, to match his playing position. Özil, understandably, is delighted, for the #brand synergy:

It is, however, more important than just the #brand: “It has never been a secret how special this number is to me. My childhood idol Zinedine Zidane wore this number and it is still the most characteristic one for the playmaker position. I’m looking forward to putting it on for the first time at Arsenal after the summer break!”

Fans who have already bought a 2018/19 Arsenal shirt from the club with Özil 11 will be given replacement shirts, with the proper number.