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Arsenal v. PSG: The International Champions Cup, uh, heats up?

Another day, another friendly.

Arsenal v Paris Saint Germain Pre Matchday Activity Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images for ICC

The International Champions Cup rolls on Saturday morning with an Emirates-off, as Arsenal face PSG in Singapore. First Atletico Madrid, now PSG; it’s like the schedulers of this event watch teams and plan accordingly! Funny, that. Annnnnyway, both teams bid farewell to Asia after this game, no doubt leaving a trail of delighted fans in their wake.

As with Wednesday’s game, this game is on stupid early in the US, but unlike Wednesday’s game, it’s easier to find on US TV - this one’s on ESPN2. So worst comes to worst, you can DVR it and watch it later. Arsenal started a pretty full strength XI against Atletico Madrid and swapped them all out after about 60 minutes, so I would expect either that same thing or the reverse, with Emery maybe starting more of the second team then giving the first choice guys a half hour or so.

Either way, Emery is continuing to build towards Aug 12, so as with the last game, there’s probably not a lot of deep analysis to be had here - it is always fun to watch a game with no stakes, it’s a very de-pressurized way to watch. Enjoy!

Arsenal v. PSG, International Champions Cup
Singapore National Stadium, Kallang, Singapore

Saturday, July 28, 2018
4.35AM PT/7.35AM ET/12.35PM BT

US Stream: ESPN+ (subscription service)
International Stream: info at

Audio-only match coverage also available at Arsenal Player.