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Arsenal Transfer Rumor: Lazio is interested in... sorry, NOT interested in Lucas

Reports are quickly denied by players’ agency. So much for that.

Southampton v Arsenal - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

In a quick turn around, reports that Italian side Lazio were still keen on bringing in fringe Arsenal attacker Lucas Perez were quickly denied by the players’ agency. Earlier reports had the attacker the focus of a meager deal to have the Spaniard move on a €6 million transfer. However, after the Lazio fansite reached out to Protio Sport, the group that manages Lucas, they got a rather firm denial that any deal was being assessed:

It’s nothing believable, they invent things. Lucas wants to triumph at Arsenal, he signed there with that intention. Lazio is a great team, but Arsenal are also. Lucas is in Singapore with his team preparing for a new season that we wish would be a great season.

They added: “[They] have not talked to Lazio for months.”

So... uh, that’s that? It’s no question that with the host of arrivals in the last year put Lucas on the outside looking in on attack and his loan to Deportivo la Coruna last year suggests that he isn’t in the clubs long term plans. New boss Unai Emery has been firm that his additions to the squad are over but more than a few players have been suggested to be on the way out. How Lucas will get time in the current squad is a big question and is largely expect to be moved before the season starts.

Whatever happens, his agency it appears is not interesting in a minor move and if any deal with Lazio is indeed dead, new rumors should likely arise. Only two weeks to the transfer window closes, Lucas is going to have to assess his options quicky.