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Friday open thread: Let’s talk about (insert topic here)

S.Pellegrino Hosts First-Of-Its-Kind Manhattanhenge Viewing Celebration High Above The Streets Of New York Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images for S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Hi there! How’s your Friday? How was your week? One of the things I want to do in this coming season of Arsenal/TSF is bring back a culture where there’s a big, robust commenting community - we used to have that, then Arsenal spent the last three seasons being Arsenal, and most of our regulars stopped being regulars, for totally understandable reasons - there wasn’t much to say, or many new ways to say the same stuff.

But things are new now! New manager, new regime, new season...doesn’t mean everything’s fixed and will be perfect, but what it hopefully means is that you will want to talk with us about Arsenal again, and maybe also talk about not-Arsenal things in these open threads.

Which is what this is - Friday open threads are sort of becoming a thing (at least I’m trying to make them a thing), so this is your chance to talk about...stuff. Seen any good movies lately? I saw Sorry To Bother You the other day, and it was probably my favorite movie of the year. Deeply weird, but really awesome, and LaKeith Stanfield was amazing. As was Tessa Thompson, but she’s amazing in everything.

So yeah - what do you want to talk about? Movies, books, music, plans for the weekend - anything’s fair game, within the site rules (no politics, no religion), so...what’s on your mind? What’s going on with you today?