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World Cup third place game: Play the scrubs

Sophie Hitchon Athletics World Cup Appearance
Everyone gets one
Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images for British Athletics

So this is it, then. The last weekend of what has been a really fun World Cup is upon us, and that weekend kicks off with the game nobody wants to play in, and probably not many people will watch.

The Third Place World Championship Showdown is this morning, and it features England and Belgium. I’m not sure what Gareth Southgate or Roberto Martinez have in mind, but this game should feature mostly guys that haven’t played much or at all in the tournament. Harry Kane’s probably got the Golden Boot sewn up, so it’s not like he needs to pad his stats all that much, and why not give someone the chance to say they’ve played in a World Cup?

There’s really nothing else of interest in this game; it’s mostly a vestige of that lovely era when there weren’t 37 games a week year round. It’s kind of an irrelevance now, but since they’re playing it, why not watch it with us?

Stream is in Spanish but free and of good quality. If you’re not in the US, go to for stream info in your area.

Belgium v. England
Saint Petersburg Stadium, St. Petersburg
US TV: Fox
US Stream: Telemundo