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[Updated] TheShortFuse World Cup Bracket Competition

Panama or bust.

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

Ah yes, it is World Cup time. Every 4 years we can all rejoice that international football has meaning again.

With the biggest tournament in the world set to kick-off in just 7 days, why not test your knowledge against other readers/contributors of TheShortFuse? Below are instructions on how to participate in the bracket challenge at


  1. Create an account on the site.
  2. Fill out your bracket. Be careful though! Once you submit your bracket, there is no changing it (more about that below).
  3. Once you submit your bracket, you have the choice to join one or multiple league. Click on this link or copy and paste the league code.


League Code: 880acea2

Now... Allow me to apologize...

Admittedly, I hate FIFA as a whole. Whether it be the scandals or the way it is run, I think we all know that nothing good comes out of FIFA. That includes this bracket competition.

As mentioned above, the fact you cannot modify a pick after you submit your bracket is archaic at best. Even the font on their website sucks.

For these reasons, I wanted to use ESPN’s match predictor. However, as I have been working on my ESPN submission for 20 minutes and am only 30% done, I realize it is not a quick thing. In an effort to draw more submissions, I chose the quicker path.

On a high note, the prizes for the high finishers across all brackets are pretty cool:

Please forgive me for supporting FIFA, I promise I won’t do it again.


We have been asked to also create an ESPN Match Predictor League for you crazy youths who like a commitment to detailed brackets. Here is the info for the ESPN Match Predictor.

Simply go to and make sure that you have a profile created. Then you will find the Play Predictor under the “Soccer” tab. You can join a league, create, or edit your match predictor choices at any time.

Please note, only the group stage predictions are available right now. You will have to return to continue filling out the bracket throughout the tournament.

Code to join this league is: 1545854-75569