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World Cup Group Stage, Day Two: Streaming info, team news, discussion

68th FIFA Congress Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

And we’re off! Yesterday’s game was great, wasn’t it? Or terrible? He said, writing this on Wednesday afternoon because that’s when he had time to do this post?

Anyway, the tournament jumps into full swing today with three games - The other half of group A sees Mo Salah and His 10 Not Mo Salah Pals play Uruguay, and Group B kicks off with Portugal and Spain fighting the Battle Of The Iberian Peninsula, which I’m pretty sure nobody’s calling it, and Morocco taking on Iran.

Spain, of course, are still absorbing the news that the coach of their first game isn’t the coach they had on Wednesday, which - and I’m no expert, but bear with me here as I theorize - seems suboptimal for major tournament preparation purposes. They should be fine though, they’re a good team and they’ll be ready to go. As am I.

For all non-US broadcasting info, please check out The streams listed below are in Spanish, but they are the only free legal streams in the US; there are other, paid stream options, notably Sling and YouTube TV, but, y’know, paid. Most paid options do have a free trial period, though, so you can at least get a few games for free before incurring a payment or two. Please, as usual, do not link to or discuss illegal streams here, as that is against TSF and SBN rules.

Egypt v. Uruguay, Group A
Ekaterinburg Arena
Ekaterinburg, Russia
US TV: Fox Sports 1
US Streaming: Telemundo

Morocco v. Iran, Group B
Saint Petersburg Stadium
St. Petersburg, Russia
US TV: Fox (not Fox Sports, regular Fox)
US Streaming: Telemundo

Portugal v. Spain, Group B
Fisht Stadium
Sochi, Russia
US TV: Fox (not Fox Sports, regular Fox)
US Streaming: Telemundo