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Fusillade, episode 23: Emery, etc

Electronic Relics Recall Radio Shack's Heyday Photo Illustration by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Hi there! You with the ears! Looking for a podcast to put in those ears? You’re in luck. The Fusillade is back for another episode, installment, chapter, whatever they call it in the podcasting game. This week, Travis, fbj0, and Michael Keshani talk, inevitably, about the Unai Emery appointment, how it came about, what brought us here, and what it all means for Arsenal going forward.

They also talk a bit about the reports that Emery will only have £50 million to spend this summer, and what ramifications that carries for a squad that needs a lot more work than that.

The podcast is available below, or you can go directly to it here. Why not subscribe to it in your favorite podcast app thingy? I hear that “apps” are the future and they might catch on, so we’re right on the cutting edge of all this technology stuff. Enjoy the podcast!