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Arsenal fans react to Unai Emery appointment

Everyone has an opinion on Arsenal Twitter

Sevilla Press Conference - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Handout/UEFA via Getty Images

It’s now official. Wenger is out and Unai Emery is in. The Spaniard was officially unveiled as the new Arsenal coach in a press conference at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday. The news came just a few days after the media had reported that Mikel Arteta was expected to be named the new Gunners boss.

Not surprisingly the Arsenal fans have not been shy in offering their opinions on the new head coach. It appears that the majority of supporters are optimistic and ready to welcome Emery to the club. However, there is a contingent of fans that apparently are never satisfied.

Here’s a selection of some of the Tweets from those excited by the news of Emery coming to London:

Of course some Arsenal fans are hard to please and here are a few thoughts voiced by those “supporters” that never seem to be satisfied:

Here’s one from someone so unimpressed with Emery they want to see the return of Wenger:

When it was discovered that Emery has his own Twitter account one fan offered some excellent advice for the new coach:

Time will tell whether Arsenal fans will be singing the praises of Emery or not. At the very least, the guy needs to be given time and the chance to succeed.