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Sporcle Friday: Arsene Wenger signings

This should be fun.

Robot Begins Writing Torah Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Arsene Wenger is, or course, gone, but his legacy remains. One way his legacy is remembered is in the people he signed to play for the club. Over his 22 years, he signed a total of 126 players. If I give you 20 minutes, can you name them? If so, this Sporcle may be for you!

I got 84, and it took me the full 20 minutes to even get that many - I have an abominable memory, and it took all six of my remaining brain cells to get that far (never get old, kids!). There are a few names on the list that I honestly have no recollection of - is your memory better than mine? I hope for your sake it is. Anyway, you know how it goes - the quiz is below, but if you can’t see it there, get to it from this here link. Good luck!