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Colin Lewin out, Bould “delaying decision” as coaching clearout continues

Out with the old, in with...someone?

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Liverpool v Arsenal - Premier League
Two down, one still here...for now
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The back office clearout continues today (well, yesterday, but you know), with news that Colin Lewin has been dismissed from his position as “physio”. I’m not 100% sure what that position entailed - did he work for Shad Forsythe? Were they peers? Where did Lewin fit in the overall hierarchy of the club? Was he purely a doctor, or did he do fitness work as well? - but it’s yet another Wenger-era staff member that has been shown the door, and it’s also another small wound to the overall history of the club.

Colin was the cousin of Gary Lewin, who joined Arsenal as a goalkeeper at age 18 but didn’t remain on the playing side of the touchline for long; after two seasons as a keeper, one at Arsenal and a season at Barnet, Gary went to medical school, got his degree in 1986, and then became Arsenal’s first-team physiotherapist. He served in that role for 22 seasons, and when he left, Colin took over. That era, though, is now over.

Not over yet: the career of Steve Bould. Bould is awaiting news of the new manager before making a decision about his future; he’s understood to not want to work for a younger manager, so he’ll wait until the new guy’s in the room before deciding whether he wants to be. If Bould leaves, there will be almost no connections left on the coaching staff, with Jens Lehmann also being given the choice to wait for a new coach before making a decision.

We are definitely entering some seriously uncharted coaching waters here.