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A different, final Arsenal 2018/19 home kit leaked

It sure is a thing.

Aerial Views Of London Football Stadiums Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images

A couple weeks ago, we showed you what was widely assumed to be the leak of Arsenal’s home kit for next season. Well, today, there’s an updated leak - as an aside, are these really leaks? Or are they savvy PR dumps by a striving athletic apparel manufacturer? My guess is the latter - showing what is probably a final version of the kit:

Yep, that’s it. That’s your new Arsenal kit for next year. I remain as underwhelmed as I was, and maintain that Puma is one hundred percent mailing in this, their last design before Arsenal move to adidas. The sublimated design on the chest is odd, the sleeves are dumb, and the collar is very sort of unexplainably bad. I mean, I’m not generally a buyer of shirts anyway - the last Arsenal shirt I bought was one of the redcurrant ones - but if I were, I’d probably pass on this one and wait to see what adidas has in store.

But that’s just me. What do you think?