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Living the purge, coaching edition

Change is the order of the day.

AC Milan v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: First Leg
Bould’s still here for now
Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Any time there’s a coaching change, in any sport, the assistant coaches are, for a time, left to dangle precipitously in the breeze as their fate is decided by people who are not them. In some cases, the assistants are given the choice to stay or go, in some cases they stay until the new guy shows up and decides whether they stay or to, and in all cases, being an assistant coach in a time of the arrival of a new coach is weighted with a lot of uncertainty.

Well, it seems in Arsenal’s case, the club seems to be sidestepping that awkward transition period almost entirely:

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s four of the five people currently listed as coaches (excluding fitness coaches) on Arsenal’s website. That, my friends, is a purge.

While I can’t obviously speak to the effectiveness of each of these coaches, it’s kind of amazing to me that the ink isn’t even dry on Wenger’s HR exit interview transcript yet and almost all of his staff has been shown the door. I have absolutely no inside knowledge here, but from my outside perspective, this is what it looks like when one side loses a power struggle - Arsene jumped rather than be pushed, and now all vestiges of Arsene’s setup seem to have been not given that same choice.

There is, however, some non-firey news from Arsenal’s coaching ranks:

The news of these reprieves has made more than one of us at TSF Industries think that the club is leaning towards Mikel Arteta or Patrick Vieira, or someone similarly statured. Would a Max Allegri or other established, successful manager want to work for a club that dictates who his assistant coaches would be?

Again, all that is speculation on my/our part, but the facts are that a majority of the Arsenal assistant coaching staff is now gone, a couple key pieces are staying, and we don’t know conclusively what that means just yet. But we do know the fun’s just starting, from a coaching perspective. Buckle up.