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The FA should move Arsenal’s final game to honor Arsene Wenger

He had one farewell, yes, but how could you deny him another on his other favoured ground?

Arsenal v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Almost two weeks ago, things got ceremonial at the Emirates. A full of emotion honouring for their greatest manager, Arsene Wenger. It was full of pomp, it hit the right tone of respect in lieu of all the current issues and it was also far too soon. Arsenal still had two games to play but thanks to the geniuses on the scheduling committee, Arsenal play the last two games of Wenger’s term on the road.

This is a spectacular waste and an insult to such a great man that I propose that the only correct move is to change the location of Arsenal’s final Wenger game.

No disrespect to Huddersfield Town, who dramatically sealed another year of Preimer League football with a gutsy draw against Chelsea, but Kirklees Stadium isn’t exactly the most glorious venue for the league to say goodbye to a legend. And I fully understand that wanting to welcome your team home to celebrate surviving in the table is a thing but, let’s be honest, if you want a party, go big or go home.

It also wouldn’t do to just repeat the same Emirates goodbye, even if it is the House That Wenger Built, so the team and the league so put Wenger’s Last Game on a grander stage:

Arsenal v Huddersfield Town should be moved to Wembley.

How else do you celebrate the man who has won more FA Cups than any other manager? The ground is as herald a one for Wenger as the Emirates ever was and since Highbury is now a living space, it is the only other place Wenger should get to say goodbye to.

Sadly, a very poor campaign meant another FA cup is out of the question and, although Arsenal did play a League Cup final there, it wasn’t yet determined that Wenger was indeed on the way out. There could be no more fitting tribute than to move Arsenal’s final match there.

Not to say we should neglect Huddersfield Town nor their loyal fans. Both Arsenal and the FA could easily pony up a few trians/buses/what have you and get all their fans, including a few hundred extra who don’t have tickets as a reward. Nor do the FA or Arsenal truly need the extra cash so proceeds should be given as recompense to Huddersfield for missing their last game at home. Not only do fans and the team get a big London party for being still in the League but a healthy bit of cash to cover holiday bonuses and whatnot.

There literally is no reason to dislike the move.

What? Oh. Them.

You telling me after all this time, they still don’t have that glorified cheese-shop completed? Look, it could be said that displacing Tottenham Hotspur to honour Arsene Wenger is a bit of league favouritism and a further insult to be treated as such a small club despite finishing above Arsenal two seasons running. And you’d be right. As long as Wenger is in charge and Tottenham persist in not winning things, they are the small club.

So, what the hell, they can have the Emirates for a day. Get them all cozy to the idea of having an actual big stadium for a day to play in their pointless game against Leicester City. Just... gonna need a damage deposit up front, OK?

Closing his historic Premier League run at Wembley is the right move for the last we see of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. The man’s earned it. So stop being fools, FA, and get on those plans and give the last great gaffer his due.

Also... can I come? I need airfare.