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What is the most appropriate tribute Arsenal can give to Arsene Wenger?

The possibilities are endless

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

As we sort through our emotions and attempt to gain some re-balancing after the shocking news that Arsene Wenger has announced his resignation as manager at the end of this season, it’s not too early to discuss the best way to honor the man who ushered in the greatest era in the club’s 132-year history.

A simple statue outside of the stadium he built would seem redundant, and further, the impact he had on the club extends beyond all boundaries when in comparison to others immortalized in this manner - Herbert Chapman included. We must think beyond these ideas.

Renaming one of the stands at the Emirates would be a decent start to this discussion, and one of the most likely given that his contemporary, and rival, Sir Alex Ferguson, was afforded this honor by the club he helped lift to even greater heights than it previously knew. While we’re at it, why not rename the stadium’s surrounding streets? Hell, even the borough could stand a fresh makeover. Move aside, Islington; hello Wengerville.

Piebury Corner should create the Arsene Wenger pie. It’s made from the cheapest ingredients that aren’t widely-known to anyone but those in the know, which ends up being the most tasty, delicious thing on the menu. Or how about renaming the Arsenal tube station to honor Wenger? That’s probably a bit more controversial, but the idea doesn’t lack merit.

There many other great ideas, like preserving his DNA in the hopes it’s discovered one day in the future that you can mix it with, like, a bald eagle, and create a real-life superhero. What are your ideas for honoring the legend Arsene Wenger?